Thursday, February 11, 2010

I Mean This in the Nicest Way...

...But could someone please explain to me the obsession with sock knitting? I've knit socks, and here's what it seems like to me.

1. You knit on tiny needles, working excellent detail, in order to put them on your FEET and then into SHOES.

2. They wear out way too quickly, because of #1. Therefore, the [time to create] vs. [time to enjoy] ratio is way off.

3. The cost ratio of [socks in the store] vs. [socks to knit--both yarn and time] is also way off. I'm not saying that any of us knit to save money, but this is extreme--$30-40 for the sock yarn, hours and hours to knit, when you can find fine, comfy socks for a quarter. of a dollar.

But there are a lot of smart, creative people who knit socks. So I'm asking you, please explain it to me. Convince me to try again.


Jennifer said...

I personally think it is the element of magic that keeps sock knitters coming back. It's a tube, it's a tube, it's a tube... then BAM! It's a sock!! I enjoy the occasional magic sock trick myself.... :-)

alh said...

1) They are fun to knit. Really fun to knit.
2) They fit better. Much better.
3) They last longer. I've been wearing and machine washing several pairs for 4+ years and they have yet to show signs of wear. We never have the disappearing sock problem with them, I don't know why that is.
4) super portable knitting, great for plane travel

polly said...

They feel so damn good! You can practice stuff on a tiny sock and then do it on a bigger thing.

(un)Deniably Grateful said...

Um...I like the idea of knitting socks. I can see myself wearing such beautiful socks and saying, "hey, thank you, I made these great socks!" But, it has taken me two years to knit a sock and a quarter. I don't think I like to knit the socks, just wear the socks. Ha! ~Kelly

KRGP said...

I like the "magic" thing--that's really funny.

Anonymous said...

I really knitting socks almost as much as I love knitting shawls and this why:

1) What intrigues me about socks is that there are a few different techniques in one sock so its never boring.
2) I love the attention to detail that a lot of sock patterns have without.
3) And like what someone else, they are portable.
4) They can be quick projects depending on yourself of course!
5) Easier to fit than sweaters.
6) Yes sock yarn can be expensive but its easy to find one or two hanks of a gorgeous color for less expensive than several hanks or skeins for a sweater.
7) There is nothing warmer or better fitting than hand knit socks! I live and go to school in Pennsylvania. I am fortunate enough to walk to campus everyday and when it rains and me feet are wet, I change my socks to my hand knit ones and put on dry shoes and my day is perfect!

There is just something sweet and endearing in all hand knits but socks are not only challenging and interesting to make but so squishy to wear and fun to look at too! And mine have been up against some tough wear and tear and have outlasted a lot of store bought socks!!

I hope this helps!

mamacitamax said...

i don't get it either. i've knit several pairs, and i finally figured it out the other day...i don't like wearing socks at all. even if they are hand-knit. period! i am a barefoot kind of girl. so now i just need to find a bunch of patterns to use up all this BEAUTIFUL sock yarn that i have, because i am not going to waste my time making something i won't wear. i guess it's shawlettes all the way for me!