Monday, February 8, 2010

Ugh. Things I would Never Say

I would never tell someone who is designing a sweater how she should proceed unless she asked my opinion. Even if her knitting project looked like a giant barf-covered hairball, I would say, "It's Lovely."

From an Empirical point of view, my words would be a lie.

From an Aristotelian point of view, which suggests that truth is always a negotiation between the speaker, audience, and message of a given rhetorical situation, my words would not be a lie.

Because I (the speaker) would find it lovely that the knitter (my audience) would be willing to share their knitting with a total stranger.

No one should negatively comment on a unknown knitter's WIP unless they're prepared to be proven wrong in their opinion by the utter awesomeness that the project will eventually become.


mamacitamax said...

i love reading this blog. my boyfriend is a comparative literature PhD candidate, and there are times where i read this blog and find that y'all have married my two favorite things. listening to him, and knitting. hilarious! keep up the great work!

Pearlesyarn said...

What are mothers like? arrrgh! I have one, so you have my sympathy:-)