Sunday, April 4, 2010

Rewed FO: La Tarte Pi Shawl

For those of you that know, une tarte is "pie" in French. Plus, with the ruffle everywhere, this shawl turned out tarty.

Pattern: Pi Shawl by Elizabeth Zimmerman from Knitter's Almanack (just buy the book, people) [Ravel This Pattern]
Yarn: Knit Picks "Gossamer," in color Sweet Peas, overdyed with a French Blue color (FO weight: about 200 gm)
Needles: Size 6 for a while, then size 8 at the end (Pattern calls for 8. I should have used 8 the whole time)

[Read about this project on Ravelry]

I "finished" this shawl last summer and never wore it once. It was just too small, and the edging came out less-than-awesome. This winter I picked up stitches around the edging and just started knitting--I worked some double yarn-overs to create a really open fabric, and then work a great ruffly bind off--I'll put directions for the bind-off in a later post to share.

Now I love it! I wear it pinned, like in these pictures, but it's also long enough to function as a scarf in winter. It's about five feet in diameter. Sweet! Everyone should knit one.

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Anonymous said...

I am almost through with a Holden Shawlette worked in that KnitPicks "Sweet Peas" colorway. Although the yarn looked wonderful in the skein, in practice the very short stretches of palest pink 'read' almost white (!) against the darker pink/fuchsia/lavender base. I hated the look: It was basically fuchsia with white stripes and splotches!

So I tried overdyeing small hanks of leftover Sweet Peas, and the results were surprising. A blue overdye similar to yours came out nicely, but Sweet Peas has a near-red tone that is hard to kill, and with the blue dye, it left a touch of cinnamon against the lavender/blue that, while subtle, is not quite what I had in mind.

However, three Kool-Aid dye jobs were rather spectacular:

Black Cherry Kool Aid and Strawberry produced a similar blend of warm rose-reds and cinnamon pinks--most agreeable to the eye. The Black Cherry gave a slightly darker effect. Overall, the feeling is slightly cool though not cold--very ladylike and tasteful.

The stunner for me was the outcome of dyeing with Cherry Kool Aid. The original pinky/bubblegum coloration was completely overcome, the result a bright but darkish red with hints of red-orange. It's luminous and extremely warm in tone, with nothing cool or lavender to it at all! It is extremely cheerful and upbeat.