Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Awesome: Green Knitting

A wind-powered scarf-knitting machine:


Although, people like knitting. A different approach would be to harness knitting energy to power other things. For example, as I’m knitting, I could also be charging my cell phone or laptop.

I don’t know why these things don’t exist everywhere all the time. I’ve been trying to convince my BF (a power engineer) to rig up a laptop charger that would be powered by an under-the-desk pedaler like this one:


Not only would you get in some extra exercise while stuck at your desk, but you’d be reducing your energy consumption. Who’s with me?


cedarstrings said...

Several years ago, somebody connected a generator to a stationary bike and the TV worked only when the bike was in use. I would definitely use the stationary pedaller while at the desk. In my locale, the auxilliary bike would produce more power than a solar battery would.

Debbie said...

I am so with you! as someone who is constantly turning off lights, taking the short walks instead of the car, using the staircase instead of elevators, I really try hard to be green and keep my carbon foot print low.

HappyKATT said...

as an avid multi-tasker I'm totally with you! It would be awesome if my knitting could, say, power the oven or the computer or washer or whatever. As an added bonus, I wouldn't feel so guilty about all the sweaters I knit for myself!