Sunday, May 2, 2010

Philosophical Question

Do you ever feel like everything you knit sucks? Like, everything you knit looks like something that would be on the TJ Maxx clearance rack, and as you flipped through the rack, you'd even be afraid to touch it lest its ugliness stick to your fingertips?

I'm knitting a lot of lace shawls right now because I can't seem to make a sweater that doesn't look like its ugliness is contagious.

But then, other times, I'll go a whole week and realize that I wore a hand-knit sweater every darn day. What is this weird split feeling I have toward knitting? How about knitzophrenia? (I hate it! It's ugly! It's awesome! I love it!)

Right. I'm totally nutters.

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Someday_phd said...

I won't even try clothing...