Friday, June 18, 2010

Contest: Name This Pattern and Win It!

This sweater design has taken forever to finish, and I’m finally ready to write up the pattern. But it needs a name!


It’s knit in the round out of Cascade Sierra (a cotton wool blend), and is meant to be along the same lines as Plath (which is my best selling pattern).


The stitch pattern is a cable-design that reminds me of butterfiles.


So, I’m inviting name suggestions. The best suggestions gets the pattern for free.


opheliart said...

Beautiful sweater! I suggest naming it after artist/naturalist Maria Sibylla Merian (1647-1717), who studied butterflies and whose books supposedly inspired Nabokov to do the same.

c said...


Someday_phd said...

I can't help it. I know butterflies and moths are not the same, but when you said butterflies it made me thing of Silence of the Lambs. Don't ask. I'm ashamed of myself really, but stay with me here.

Actually, I think "Clarice" would be a great name for this. The simple lines fit with Starling's roots. The cableling hints at her complexity.

Merinitta said...

I love how this sweater (like Plath) has a fun, sophisticated, vintage feel

I suggest naming it Soraya, after Persian princess/actress/ex-queen Soraya Esfandiary-Bakhtiari. She was a bit of a Princess Di of the 1960s.

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Harper said...

The pattern reminds me of DNA's helical structure so naming it after Rosalind Franklin who was instrumental in the structure's discovery while receiving little credit seems appropriate.

That said, I also like Sibylla for the sweater. Which, by the way, is beautiful.

Amy said...

Poprocks!! I don't know why, that just popped into my head the moment I saw the sweater, before I ever read that it reminded you of butterflies. Not a very "natural" name, but that's what jumped into my head!

Caroline said...

I love this pattern, and wool/cotton blends are my favorite. This is probably a stretch, but your idea about it reminding you of butterflies made me think of moths and moths made me think of Elnora Comstock, the girl in Girl of the Limberlost who subsidized her studies by collecting moths. How about Limberlost?