Sunday, June 13, 2010

Knitty Prof Productivity

In total, we have written, thus far:

Three book chapters and two half chapters
One journal article and one half journal article
One book proposal
One knitting pattern and proposal

That's a lot in four days. Jordynn thinks that we used to work this much all the time, before we were homeowners, with significant others, and children.

Sigh. But really, we wouldn't trade those things for the world. We just need to take time periodically to go up on the mountaintop.

Here we are at the LYS, Spin A Yarn, dropping some Benjamins.

Sorry the pics aren't up to our usual quality--I'm using my iPhone.

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Courtenay said...

As I sit here struggling to write my last 5 pages of the quarter, I wonder about the writing process and how I may become more of the writer I want to be. You both have inspired me. I'm sure it would help if I too was in a cabin on the mountainside, as opposed to an oven-like apartment without airflow.