Tuesday, June 22, 2010

On Feminist Knitting


Feminism, Activism, and Knitting: Are the Fibre Arts a Viable Mode for Feminist Political Action?

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Beth Ann Pentney


This article examines the resurgence of knitting as a popular hobby for women in North America and the UK, and explores the associations made between third-wave feminism and knitting as a mode of political activism, in order to determine how effective reclamation and celebration of the fibre arts can be for feminist goals. The concept of a feminist knitting practice is developed, with the purpose of reimagining feminism as a process or practice which anyone can take up at strategic cultural moments. Several examples of art exhibits and activist projects featuring knitting are discussed in detail, as well as an analysis of the use of the internet as a networking tool for knitters (through weblogs, netrings, and podcasts).

(Thanks to M.M. for the link!)

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Merinitta said...

Thank you for pointing out the article (as well as this journal - I might try submitting something).