Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bamboozled: A Fiber Facts Update

Apparently, bamboo does not necessarily make something eco-friendly. According to the Federal Trade Commission, bamboo textiles are simply another type of rayon, made using the same process. As I showed in my Fiber Facts post on rayon, the process involves harsh chemicals that are anything but eco-friendly. No matter what fiber you start with, rayon is a classed as a [hu]man-made fiber.

Now, the FTC is taking action, warning companies (including Amazon, Target, and Macy's) that they must change their labeling of "bamboo" fabrics to "rayon." While the FTC does not seem to have targeted yarn manufacturers in their efforts, presumably the same implications would apply. If your yarn label says bamboo, it probably means "rayon." The same goes, presumably, for yarns made out of corn or hemp.

The FTC has a useful guide here, if you want to know more. Interestingly, the clothing & textile regulations do not seem to apply to yarn--from what I can find.

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Emily K said...

Thank you for the post. This might change my gift knitting for my friends who rather not have animal products.