Monday, August 23, 2010

A Skirt

I whipped this up yesterday using the pattern from Chic & Simple Sewing, by Christine Haynes.


This is a basic circle skirt pattern. It turned out okay. I decided to hem the skirt so it would hang evenly, rather than just hemming .5” all the way around, as given in the pattern.


I’m not super happy about the elastic waist band, but at least I learned how to do one. And I think I’ll actually wear this. Or maybe I’ll try to redo the waist band somehow….

I’ve promised myself that I won’t build up a stash of fabrics the way I have with yarns. I have material for one more yoga bag (or perhaps a tote?), and 3 yards of some vintage fabric I found at a thrift store to use up.

I promise knitting updates will be forthcoming, as well! Katie and I both have some new projects and patterns on the go.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

haha. you are funny. not building up a stash of fabric.

as if that's possible.


(hope things are well with you!)

barb from arkansas