Thursday, October 14, 2010

Where's Katie?

Jordynn has been holding down the fiber fort over here lately. Thank god.

I've been knitting a lot and have a lot of new patterns in the works, but I've been a little bogged down with teaching and writing this semester. Not a lot of time for knitty-writing. Which makes me sad.

My spinning wheel is dusty. I have an entire gorgeous Icelandic fleece sitting unwashed and getting skanky. My yarn is actually giving me dirty looks.

Here's an interesting sweater, though. This jacket was crocheted by the mother of my husband's nanny in Holland--that's where he was born and lived the first part of his life. So--a Dutch nanny's mother made this for him 35 years ago. Here it is on our son, Adrian:

And here's another:

I wonder if the woman knew that we'd all grow up to be Tarheels when she picked those colors.

Probably not.

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