Saturday, October 16, 2010

Why It Makes Sense to Handknit for Babies

Jordynn made a sweater for my son Adrian a long time ago, before he was born. He wore it right away:

(She made the leggings too. LOVE them.)

Here is Adrian wearing the same sweater, one year later, even though he's twice as big as he used to be.

Handknit sweaters just work for babies, and babies get tons of wear out of them because they're so flexible.

(DH and I call him Dieter van Hooverstein when Adrian is dressed like that--tall socks, Euro boy-sandals, etc. You can just see him hiking in the Alps.)


Courtenay said...

oh my gosh Katie you two crack me up, Dieter von Hooverstein it is! So cute and quirky.

nothingpetty said...

Dieter is adorable.

I just got the notice that this was posted today, Oct. 21st. Odd

Natalie said...

We've got a whole cache of sweaters someone knit for Madeline last year that still look awesome!