Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Another kind of Baby Surprise, plus a Tragedy

Yesterday (Monday) was an impossible day. I'm not sure how I made it to Tuesday. Here's how it went.

Prologue: At 10pm Sunday night, we had to rush my MIL to the ER because she was losing mental function. They scanned her brain and found cancer there, too.

7:30 am: My husband and I visit the OB for our ultrasound (I'm 17 weeks) and diagnostic screening. Everything looks great. It's a boy. We're calling him Edward. Here's a 3-D ultrasound, which is both cool and weird at the same time:

I made my next appointment with my favorite midwife; we are overjoyed that our son will have a baby brother. My husband goes to work.

11:00 am: I meet my sister-in-law at the hospital after she drove down from D.C. Things with my MIL are way worse than we thought. I give my MIL the print out of the ultrasound images and she shows them to everyone who comes in the room. So proud.

1:00 pm: We meet with my MIL's doctor and she tells us we're looking at "days to weeks."

3:30 pm: We meet with the hospice coordinator with my FIL and it's the saddest effing thing I've ever done.

6:00 pm: We move my MIL to the most beautiful hospice home in the world. The second saddest effing thing I've ever done.

8:00 pm: My husband and I go to visit my MIL at her new home. I leave him in the room alone with her and wait. Then I take him outside to the porch to sit in rocking chairs and cry.

And that's it. My impossible day. Such joy and sadness, all at the same time.

Thanks for listening, folks.

I promise I'll talk about knitting again, soon. I've already made a sweater for Edward. I made it blue (back when the baby was still Rose-Edward), because I just had a feeling. I'll show you next time.

--Katie Rose


Heidi said...

So much joy and so much sadness on the same day. Again, there's nothing for me to say except that I am sending you guys love, prayers, and good thoughts.

IrkaDblrka said...

This is one of the rare moments I wish I could prey - I would prey for you and your family. Hold on and big hugs!

Anonymous said...

Katie, you don't know me but my husband and I know your DH. Congratulations on a brother for Adrian. Your love will be stretched even further! We are praying for peace and understanding on the situation with your MIL. We are so sorry and sad for you. I have a prayer group praying for your family. May you feel loved and blessed through this hard time. Please tell M he can call Daniel or I if he needs anything! In His love, Stephanie & Daniel Moore