Thursday, November 25, 2010

Free Pattern: Oread Pi Shawl Recipe

I've received a number of requests for the recipe I used to make my Oread Pi Shawl [Ravelry].

Of course, the first thing you'll need to get is the original pattern from one of Elizabeth Zimmerman's books, such as the Knitter's Almanac (the best eight bucks you'll ever spend). The Pi Shawl formula is the pattern for the month of July.

This Pi Shawl formula is a quick knit (for a Pi Shawl)--I think it took me 2 weeks.

Oread Pi Shawl Formula by Katie Rose Pryal

Lots of Mohair held with a strand of lace-weight yarn in a similar color. Like this:
One cone of Valley Yarns Alpaca-Silk in an olive green, held with:
A light green kidsilk haze,
A variegated green Fiesta Yarns Heaven (color: Catalina),
A gray GGH Soft Kid.

US size 10.5 circular needles. (You'll need the needles EZ requires for her pattern to get the circle started, though--I used double-circulars, or 2 sets of 10.5 needles.)
Size 6.5mm crochet hook.

Stitch Pattern

Simple. Every 6 rows, do a round of eyelets. If you are working an increase round, you just k1, yo, k1, etc. If you are not working an increase round (read the pattern, you'll know what I mean), then you just k1, k2tog, etc.
To get the stripes of dark color like I did with the gray, you change to the gray 2 rounds before the eyelet round, then do the eyelet row, then work 2 more rounds in gray.

Ruffled Edging

The last few rounds I worked with extra eyelets and other things to make sure the edge ruffled up good. Here are the final rounds I worked:
1. Work an eyelet round as usual: yo, k2tog, etc.
2. Knit 1 round.
3. Work 1 round like this: k3, yo, k3, yo. This will increase your stitches by 1/3. (right? or is that by 1/4? whatever.)
4. Knit 1 round.
5. Work 1 increase round as usual: yo, k1, yo, k1. (This will double your stitches.)
6. Knit 1 round.
7. Purl 1 round.
8. Knit 1 round.
Now it's time to bind off.

Bind Off

Work a crochet bind-off like this: Use the size 6.5mm crochet hook. Stick the hook through one loop on the needles and work a single crochet, then chain one st, then work sc into the next loop, then chain 1 st, etc. etc. Very simple but effective. This puts an extra chain stitch between each knit stitch to make sure that the edge of the circle is plenty flexible and adds to the ruffle.

That's it. Super simple.

Thanks to all who have sent me your thoughts, prayers, and sympathies for Mary's death. I really appreciate it. The funeral is on Saturday. Today, Thanksgiving, my parents brought the entire meal to my house (they live 1 hour away) and all of Michael's family came over and partook. It was a sad but also wonderful day.

Enjoy the pattern. It's good holiday knitting.

--Katie Rose

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