Sunday, November 21, 2010

Knitting from Hospice

My sister-in-law is a knitting dabbler and she asked me to hook her up with a scarf project for while she was sitting by her mother's bed in hospice. I gave her a skein of worsted-weight Wool-Ease and a pair of size 10 needles. I think the scarf is nearing five feet in length at this point.

Then yesterday she came to my house for a break from everything and I had my new issue of Interweave Knits on the kitchen table. She just loved Ginevra's Pullover [ravelry] by Amy Polcyn. So I'm going to make one.

I reached into my stash for some blue heather Cascade 220:

and a cone of Jaggerspun merino laceweight in a solid royal blue that I found on Craigslist:

These pictures of my yarns suck. The photos are old ones that I took for my stash on Ravelry and were only meant to be seen by me. My Nikon is over at Hospice for taking pictures of Mary and her kids and grandkids.

So, crappy old stash photos for the blog today. Sorry.

I'll take more pictures as I go along with Ginevra. It's been a while since I knit someone else's pattern. I think the last one was Jordynn's Tenley Cowl [pattern page on Ravelry / my version]:

(Hey--I took that picture of Jordynn. It doesn't suck. Feeling less guilty now.)

Knitting from a pattern is just far more relaxing than designing, and so much better for when your (my) brain is occupied with other things. I'm packing up my knitting bag and heading over to hospice in a little while.

--Katie Rose

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Sherry Everett said...

Katie, I'm so sorry for what your family is going through. I'm also so impressed with your amazing knitting skills. Your work is beautiful!