Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Life of a Knitty Professor

5:30am First alarm sounds.
5:45am In the shower.
6:00am Getting dressed. Must be extra snazzy today because I'm helping host a lauded visitor to our department and taking him to dinner.
6:30am In Kitchen. Brew coffee for DH (still sleeping) and make Chai for pregnant me. Still no cries from Adrian. Make Adrian's lunch. Make my lunch. Eat breakfast.
7:15am The boys are still sleeping?!? Answer some emails!
7:30am Still sleeping? Seriously? Write a blog post!

And here I am.

The rest of the day goes like this: meet new TA, teach, break, teach, break, meet other new TA, teach. Meet with book company rep for afternoon coffee. Seminar taught by previously mentioned lauded visitor. Take lauded visitor to dinner. Eat yummy food. Take lauded visitor back to the Inn on campus. Home by 10pm.

And when do I knit? Good ****ing question.

Jordynn and I have mentioned in the past that as the semester winds to a close, schedules squeeze. But for some reason, this semester has been so busy from the get-go. I know that I was dealing with the first-trimester-coma, which is a tough one.

Perhaps I need to cut myself some slack.

I did have a book come out in September:

and I have another book under review by a press. That's not nothing.

Sometimes, though, I wish I were doing more of what I love and less of what I feel I should. Like when I read Ysolda's blog. <>envy<>.

I think this is a common feeling, though.

Is there anyone out there who can say she is doing exactly what she loves (at least most of the time)? And care to share how you got there?


Jessica said...

I'm a children's librarian. I get paid to read books to pre-schoolers, do crafts, research elementary school projects and order movies. It's pretty glorious. And I'm here completely by accident. I couldn't find a job with my el ed degree so I got a school librarianship certificate to hedge my bet... no school jobs with that either. I get paid much less at a public library, but the bureaucracy isn't as bad. It evens out.

Mlle Professeur said...

First, congratulations on the book!

Second, that post was terrifying. I'm a grad student(working on my dissertation) and lecturer at 2 colleges and I thought I had no time to knit, but now I see it only gets worse! All the same, I definitely would say that I love what I'm doing: I teach French 101 (which is always rewarding), a 300-level French class (my students' French always amazes me), and I spend my "free" time working on research that I love (even if it doesn't always love me!).

IrkaDblrka said...

My day is pretty similar to yours (another professor with a small child), sans first trimester (congratulations!)
But the funny part that most of the stuff I do I actually enjoy doing: teaching, research, interaction with students, outreach... It is just a lot of it packed in each day. There is such thing as too much love, I guess...
Oh, and I knit in the car on the way to work and back (DH is driving). Plus, I can read simple stuff while reading papers.