Sunday, November 28, 2010

Traveling with Oread, remembering Mary

This past September, Michael and I took a trip to Paris so I could participate in a colloquium at the University there. Edward was just starting show, so I dressed accordingly--you never want to look just chubby in Paris. Enceinte, on the other hand, is OK.

I love traveling with a shawl because it serves so many purposes, including emergency airport/airplane blanket. Plus, they look cool, like you are effortlessly fashionable even when living out of a suitcase half-way around the world. (And I am not effortlessly fashionable.)

Here's a picture of me (and the small thing that will hopefully be Edward come April) in the Place St. Michel where we stayed. There's some big church in the background:

See how good Oread is doing helping me look fashionable?

One other thing:

The reason why this trip was possible at all was because Mary took care of Adrian while we were gone. She invited some of her girlfriends to come stay some of the days, but mostly she just parented our son for us while we were away.

Readers: Appreciate the people in your life and all of the large and small things that they do for you every day. Please, please, appreciate them.

--Katie Rose


cedarstrings said...

Mary will continue to touch your lives in small and beautiful ways; what a tribute to her life that you're Paris trip memories are so connected to memories of the richness she brought to your life. Thank you for sharing.

EmpowerOnline said...

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