Thursday, December 23, 2010

Some Updates, and one Knitting Idea

Knitting a whole sweater has seemed a little overwhelming lately. So here's something I did do:

This is a sweater I got from the Gap a few years ago that I really like--except that it's just a wee bit too short. And now that I'm pregnant, it's way too short. Plus, it didn't gather at the waist or the cuffs at all.

So I raided the stash and found some worsted weight wool and knit on cuffs and a hem using a k1, p1 rib stitch and some small needles so that the stitches would be tight. It came out completely great. I seriously can't believe it. I wear the sweater all the time now. (Remember, bind off LOOSELY, esp. at the hem.)

To follow up from my last post, right now, my husband Michael is at the neurosurgeon's--he's probably going to have surgery tonight to fix the ruptured disc in his back that's impinging on a nerve.

In better news, my son Adrian is over his strep throat. The best decision we made was heading to Greensboro and letting my folks take care of us. We came here last week and we're just staying through Christmas.

Here's to hoping that January will be reeeeeaaaalll slow and unexciting...and snowy! We're supposed to get some southern snow around Christmas, even.

After Mary's funeral and before Mike hurt his back, we had a snow day in Durham. Adrian really loved the snow. Here we are as the snow is falling, the flakes as large as oak leaves.

I'm wearing my handspun Nimbostratus lace scarf (available in my new eBook) and a City Girl Cap by Celeste Young, my absolute favorite hat to wear in the snow, because the brim keeps the flakes off of my glasses. I made a whole slew of them one weekend, some for gifts, and some to keep for myself.

Adrian is wearing moon pants. (I mean, a metallic snow bib that my neighbors gave us as a hand-me-down.) He was completely psyched.


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