Monday, January 17, 2011

On Mothers, Babies, and Cute-Ugly Sweaters

This is a blog post in three parts. (This is actually the second version of this blog post. I just wrote this long, gorgeous, and witty blog post and then deleted it from MarsEdit by accident. !!!!!! Hey, MarsEdit people. How about an undelete? A trash can? A second effing chance? So this post is a quick recap of that longer post that no one will ever get to read.)

Part 1. I Want a Nerdy Kid

And I got one!

You know how when you're half-asleep and making coffee and suddenly you realize that your kid isn't making his usual racket like banging a spoon on the coffee table? And you freak out for a moment? When I looked up, this is what he was doing.

Part 2. My Sister Had a Gorgeous Kid

Naomi. She's awesome. Hanging out with her is making me excited to meet my Edward-to-be (due in April).

Here is my sister with Naomi. Note that despite the fact that my sister just had a baby and hasn't slept in 1.5 weeks, her skin looks flawless. She is a dermatologist.

Part 3. The Cute-Ugly Sweater Pillow

I was going to put all these great instructions here. But the post got deleted. So you're going to have to wait til my next post for my super-quick, super-easy, turn a sweater into a pillow instructions. Sorry.

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Anonymous said...

adrian, you adorable little person, nice hair.

auntie v