Tuesday, January 11, 2011

That Other Blog

I just posted this on my family/life blog (katie-and-michael.blogspot.com) because I realized that I just write all about my family and life here on this blog, and it seems silly to duplicate. Here's what I posted:

Hey folks.

This blog started as a pre-wedding diary for our family and friends a while back. Most of you know that I also keep another blog (along with a co-author) over at The Knitty Professors (knittyprofessors.com). Lately, my posts here have just been cross-posts from that other blog, since it is the one I more carefully maintain.

Because of this, I've decided to stop posting to this blog--at least as a trial--and only post to the Knitty Professors. Please join me over there if you would like to keep up with Pryal life (and learn a bit about fiber arts).

Now, for those of you who are not voyeurs, nosy folks, or otherwise have interest in my life (since Jordynn seems far less likely to chat about personal business here), please ignore the overly personal content that seems to sprout like flowers around here in Knitty Professor Land.

Those of you (like me) who are voyeurs, continue to enjoy! Since we're iced in here in the south at least for a day or two, I'll get started on another post.

A Quickie Update on that aforementioned personal life:
1. Michael's back is fully recovered. Miracle.
2. Mary, my mother in law, is still dead, and we still miss her dearly, and I think about her almost every minute--small reminders, all day long.
3. I'm still pregnant with Number Two, to arrive in April.
4. I'm only teaching one course this semester, which is AWESOME. More time to knit!

--Katie Rose


(un)Deniably Domestic said...

I suppose I am one of those people so will not mind the personal. One class? How did you swing that? I have 6 this semester and there is that whole Lead Instructor, department website coordinator, anthology creator and lent out fine arts department costume designer thing - you know, "duties as assigned." Enjoy the rest until April. ~Kelly

Brandilyn said...

I think only teaching one class this semester also means more time for coffee. :)

KRGP said...

@Undeniably: What a busy schedule you have! I'm down to 1 class because I'm on maternity leave (down from 4).

@Brandilyn: I AGREE.