Friday, February 25, 2011

More Professor than Knitty - Funny Exam Answer

Some of these circulated on my departmental email list back in grad school. These are hilarious, creative answers to exams. As a professor, I can really appreciate some of these answers, and I hope the teachers that received them appreciated them, too.

Since most teachers are awesome, I'm sure that they did.

Here's one:

From Funny Exam Answers

Click on the album link below to see the rest:

Funny Exam Answers

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Last Winter's Sweaters

I was on a roll.

I knit a sweater for and for Michael each winter. And then this winter came 'round and guess what?

No sweaters. Whatever.

So, instead of sharing with you the great sweaters I knit for us this year, here's a picture of the sweaters I knit for us last year.

Mike is wearing his Gamekeeper (my Pattern). I'm wearing my Tenley (Jordynn's Pattern).

Adrian is wearing a big white pompom on his head. Because all babies should.

It was a big snow day here in the south, and we walked over to Whole Foods for breakfast. Adrian threw three pounds of Cheerios onto the floor, and the guy there was like, "That's okay! I don't mind sweeping up after kids!" Seriously?