Friday, February 25, 2011

More Professor than Knitty - Funny Exam Answer

Some of these circulated on my departmental email list back in grad school. These are hilarious, creative answers to exams. As a professor, I can really appreciate some of these answers, and I hope the teachers that received them appreciated them, too.

Since most teachers are awesome, I'm sure that they did.

Here's one:

From Funny Exam Answers

Click on the album link below to see the rest:

Funny Exam Answers


Courtenay said...

Oh my, these are hilarious! If students aren't going to answer correctly, they might as well make a joke out of it and get a laugh out of me.

Kristen said...

The answer made sense to me!

artohline said...

Those are great! Have you heard of/read the book Non Campus Mentis? It's a book full of ridiculous typos/misunderstandings that collegiate history students wrote in papers. So funny! I laugh hysterically every time I read it.