Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Here's Another One

Some context: I live in the south.

I was walking through Duke Hospital on my way to my OB appointment today, and a man stepped in front of me and stopped me with this amazed expression on his face, and said:

"Wow. You're all baby!"

[Sounds like: Wow! Yur awl bay-bee.]

Then he said, "Keep it up, girl!" And walked on down the hall.

His joy was hard to argue with. Plus that's a great compliment--because I think he was meaning that I'm not a fat tub (like I was with my first baby).

However, his flagrant study of my body kind of creeped me out. I mean, can you imagine if this sort of thing happened if I weren't pregnant? Like, "Wow, you're all legs!"??

(Oh wait, that would mean his was talking to my sister.)

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The Big-Bellied Beauty said...

Could be worse, he could have said, "You're all belly." When I was pregnant, no one noticed until approximately the day before I had her. I had lost 95 lbs before pregnancy, so I just looked like I was gaining it all back...