Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Quilts by Mimi

Mimi is what my mother's grandkids call her. Sometimes Adrian gets mixed up and says "Mimimommy" or "Momimimi."

My mom quilts. A lot. My favorites are the ones that tend to not follow rigid patterns, like this one with butterflies on it:

The butterflies came from a print fabric that she cut into pieces. You can't see the quilt stitchery in this photograph, unfortunately, but it's really amazing. This one is about 7" by 5" in size.

But she also made this hilarious quilt using photo-print-fabric (!). These are all pictures from Adrian's first year:

The one in the middle with him in yellow was taken in the NICU while we were packing him up to come home. This one is hanging on the wall in Adrian's room now (soon to be the "boys' room" since they're going to share a bedroom).

4.5 weeks to go!

--Katie Rose

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The Big-Bellied Beauty said...

That's sweet! My mother-in-law made three quilts for my daughter before she was born and it still gte sme all misty-eyed to look at them!