Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mohair Frenzy

I love mohair yarn. Love love love.

Whenever I hit a LYS, I always check the odd-balls basket for skeins of mohair. I don't care about color, weight, or anything--I just buy it. It is the ultimate stash yarn because it's so versatile.

Mohair? Versatile?


Here's what I've made with mohair over the last few months. Oh crap, I think I mean "over the last year," not months, at this point. Whatever:

From left to right [links are to my Ravelry project pages]:

Wisp [modified with Victorian lace trim].
Oread [a version of the Pi Shawl -- instructions here].

And that's just the shawls.

What's your favorite yarn/fiber type? (Don't say Cascade 220. Snore.)

--Katie Rose


Jennifer said...

Isn't it itchy and I hear knitting with it can be hard if you have to rip back. How do you rip back without getting a tangled mess? Mohair does intrique me but I am a fairly new knitter so I am wary.

noe said...

I just undid a project with mohair and it wasn't that bad... it takes a little patience, but you can do it.