Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sunday Mornings

For those of you living in the south, you know that September is about two things: dodging hurricanes and enjoying the break of the blistering August heat.

One good way to enjoy the cooler weather is dining al fresco, which is basically impossible during the summer time. (Seriously, even the lettuce will melt on your deck during an N.C. August.)

So, this past Sunday, my three boys and I ate breakfast on the deck. This is a first for my family now that it includes Edward, because back in April/May Edward was too small to hang out on the deck, and then it was summer. (See prior paragraph.)

For our meal, I made a frittata. Check out the yummy crusty cheese around the edge.


Adrian ate all of that crusty goodness. He did not eat the broccoli. He also had a gogurt, which is dribbling off of his chin in this photograph:


And Edward just kicked back in his high chair and played with his toes.



--Katie Rose

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