Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Photoblogging with Instagram

My favorite app on my iPhone is Instagram.

Instagram a photoblogging software that allows you to share your photos on Facebook, Twitter, and by email. It also creates a feed of your photos and the photos of your friends---viewable on your phone. (A variety of support sites have popped up around the web, including Inkstagram.com. Here's my Instagram feed on Inkstagram.)

I've really taken to photoblogging recently. There are three main reasons for this:

(1) I used to be a photographer, and I miss it.

(2) I have two small children and like to post their pictures all over the place.

(3) I have two small children and therefore little time; posting a picture is a heckofalot easier than composing a text-heavy post like this one.

So--I'm going to try an experiment: I'm going to post my Instagram photoblog entries to my blog, here. They are heavy on two topics: nature (plants, etc.) and my kids. Perhaps I'll keep the "my kids" posts off of the blog. We'll see.

But really, this blog is about knitting and fiber arts, but also about Jordynn and Katie.

Here's a few shots from the past few weeks, as a preview of what's to come:

Morning sunlight in the UNC Arboretum---this is how I walk to work in the mornings:

A quilt my mother made that is now installed at the UNC School of Law---I'm so proud:

And Edward nestled in the trunk of a tree:

As you can see, Instagram allows you to apply fun filters and borders to photographs, giving them an old-fashioned feel.


-Katie Rose

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