Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Knitting Again

With the two kids and the new job, I took a hiatus from knitting. The hiatus wasn't intentional; I just sort stopped knitting. I had a few things that were mid-project that sort of fizzled out, and I had no desire to make another shawl or pair of mitts or sweater. The love was gone.

But I had a feeling this mood was temporary---brought on by a mix of exhaustion and lack of creative juices. The mood is over.

Here's what I knit over the last three days, in what could honestly be called a "flurry":

This is another pair of my Chopin Handwarmers. I used sock yarn and a smaller gauge needle than the pattern calls for. I post more details in the coming days about the mods, which include a cute picot edge at the cuff:

I'm baaa-aack.

-Katie Rose

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