Sunday, December 25, 2011

Some Christmas Knitting

These sweaters have been finished for a while, but North Carolina has been so warm that I haven't had much chance to wear them. So I took them home to Canada where they could get some use--although it has not been a white Christmas here, either.

The first one is based on a Verana pattern, Kate (Verena website)--it's here on Ravelry.

The Verena version included lace and bobbles surrounding the cable, but I was frankly too lazy to bother with those. The original is also quite oversized:

So my version just has a basic cable:

I think this one is a keeper--I like the fit. I used worsted weight yarn instead of bulky, so I had to kind of fudge the numbers. But it turned out. Actually, it doesn't look much like Kate at all, does it!

The second one is based on my Tenley pattern, without the cables. I wanted a basic off-white turtleneck sweater. Unfortunately, though, this one will go the way of the frog:

It's okay, but I wish I would have used some sort of pattern stitch, not stockinette. And the sleeves are just too big--blocking didn't fix it.

But I thought I'd post something about it to document my hard work:

Merry Christmas!

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StickLena =KnitLena said...

Knitting do have its ups and downs! The reddish sweater really was something to be proud of!