Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Web Site: Recycled Into Yarn

One of the missions of this web site is to encourage eco-friendly fiber arts. We often feature recycled yarn patterns and projects. A clever fiber artist has put together a web site of recycled yarn projects, tutorials, and general info, called Recycled Into Yarn.


The site just recently launched, and you should check it out.

It will grow and grow with more tutorials and patterns, and the creator welcomes submissions from readers on the Contact page.

Jordynn and I have posted a few recycled patterns on the blog over the years, including these:

Make a Pillow from an Old Sweater

Sediment Scraps Blanket

Felted Sweater Patchwork Tree Skirt

Recycled Wrapping Paper

Plastic Yarn Totes and also Here.

Tutorial: Spinning Recycled Yarn on a Home-Made Spindle

All of these patterns are free--because saving the world isn't something you should charge for, in my opinion.

-Katie Rose

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Teresa said...

Katie - thank you so much for the awesome write-up and for encouraging others to help save our earth through creative recycling.

I can't wait to see more of your fantastic designs on Recycled Into Yarn...