Sunday, February 26, 2012

So much Cashmere…what to do

I've been trolling for cashmere at local thrift shops and a my own pre-babies wardrobe. I've come up with some great pieces. Here are a couple:

Doesn't that fabric look scrumptious?

I'm working on various projects to convert this fabric into someone serviceable. I'll post project ideas and pictures soon, but I'd also welcome suggestions to other web sites that have cashmere-upcycle projects.

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Bec said...

Trolling the Salvation Army and Good Will hunting for Cashmere is a hobby of mine as well. It started with just looking for wool to make mittens for kids in our poorer school districts. Then I found Cashmere makes very special mittens.

Another thing I have done is to take the sleeves and use them to hold a sock filled with rice. Heated in the microwave it is a great tool for providing moist heat treatments to sore muscles.

Lastly, I used the sleeve in the same fashion as the rice-sock but filled it with poly-beads and used as a lap weight for some of my wiggly readers. I am a Title I para educator at an elementary school.

Nothing too original for ideas but maybe it will prompt some ideas.