Sunday, December 23, 2012

Baby Surprise Surprise

My husband, Michael, put my Handspun Surprise on Edward (my younger son) to take him to get some emergency groceries this morning.

[Emergency groceries = eggs, bananas, eggnog. Clearly, the eggnog.]

When they returned, Michael sent Edward running into the bedroom to wake me up. It was, as always, the cutest thing.

He's wearing the Baby Surprise Jacket (a classic Elizabeth Zimmermann pattern for those of you who are new to the pattern) over his footsie pajamas. So, I got out of bed and chased him around with the camera.

I knit this particular jacket for Adrian (my older son) a few years ago out of some icelandic wool that I washed/dyed/carded/spun. Clearly, I was still pregnant at the time, because no woman with an infant would have had time for that. I used a store-bought, off-white worsted-weight wool as a contrasting color. (Michael couldn't be bothered to button up every little button I sewed on the sweater. O, the humanity.)

You almost can see, as Edward darts across the house (I need my high-end sports camera to catch this kid in action), where the shoulder seams meet the front. If you haven't tried this "magical" pattern before, it's way worth it.

Well, hello there, Edward. Merry Christmas.

- Katie Rose

Friday, December 14, 2012

Studio Tools

My family and I relocated from Durham to Chapel Hill (10 miles that feels like 1000). More on that later, but for now I wanted to share a serendipity that occurred when I was unpacking my studio:

My husband is still outfitting his workshop, and so I permitted him to store two saws on the floor of my studio. I just unpacked my spinning wheel and drum carder and set them on the floor to break down the boxes.

When I returned to the room, the sun poured through the window, illuminating the table saw and mitre saw, and my tools as well. It seemed such a nice meeting of old-fashioned and modern. Of two different ways of working with your hands.

On another note: Much love and sadness and condolences for the families who lost children and other loved ones in Connecticut today.

- Katie Rose