Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Adrian's Lines

Adrian (my elder son)'s second-favorite thing to do, after building drag-racers with Legos* (and he is extraordinarily good at building drag-racers with Legos) is lining things up. Anything. He just wants to line it up.

When he woke from his nap yesterday (early. after 30 minutes. like, can we even call that a nap?), he came down and joined me in my (new!) studio. He hadn't seen the studio since it had become all snazzy. He asked if he could play with the yarn. I said, Of course. He started touching skeins and moving them around and smooshing them together.

And then, predictably, he started lining them up.

First, though, I had to talk him out of unwinding everything. I explained, using 3-year-old logic, that if you unwind the ball, it will cease to BE a ball. He got it.

I'm not sure how he decides which colors or sizes go together in his lines of things. But he always looks very serious when he is doing it.

He didn't even notice that I was taking his picture. Usually I get out the camera and he dives under the couch. I haven't put the lines of yarn-balls away yet. They're too cute. 

--Katie Rose

*I just want to note that, Jordynn, as a Canadian, insists that the plural of "Lego" is—wait for it—"Lego." Like "sheep" and "sheep." I think that's nuts. What kid wants some "Lego"? I think, though, she might be technically correct. So I'm putting a footnote here to acknowledge her technical correctness.

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Courtenay said...

Cute! I wonder what talent this is indicative of? :)

Re: Lego(s):