Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mid-Mod Dining Room

[Katie here.]

We're beginning to get another room together over here at our atomic ranch. We finally located our perfect dining chairs, which were the final key to the room.

So now I'm ready to share the room, even though we need to rethink the rug and reupholster the chairs. We started by replacing this eyesore of a light fixture:

With this one:

(That was one of my Christmas presents from the husband. Thanks, husband!) So the room looks like this all together. The window, which you can't see, is on the wall to the right. Pardon the fishy-eyedness of the photo.

One of the best features of this room is the built-in cabinetry and lighting:

There's a mirror installed between the upper and lower cabinets which generates a lot of light and an open feeling, too. But I had nothing to do with that—I inherited it from the awesome original designers of the house. 

I just dropped the dining chairs off for new upholstery. I considered doing it myself, and I'm sure that I could have done it. But lately I've been so crazy with work. I just found myself outsourcing something that actually seemed really fun so that I could just get work done and get to bed at a reasonable hour. (Yes, whining.) 

But seriously, I'm having trouble recapturing the slow life this spring. That's going to be a new goal . . . just as soon as this semester is over. 

I swear. 

-- Katie Rose

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