Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Perfect Atomic Chairs

[Katie Here.]

As I continue to embrace our mid-century ranch, I've been searching for the perfect dining room chairs. I discovered that you can buy reproductions on sites like Thrive, which actually delights me to no end, but frankly we can't afford to buy the reproductions. Plus, I just knew if we hunted long enough, we would find something on Craigslist. 


For $300, we were able to buy these six chairs, two captain's style (with arms, below) and four armless. Check out the curves on the back legs. Check out the inlay on the back panel. 

See the curves on the arms of the captain chair? I'm so in love with these chairs. 

I put the captain's chairs in the living room next to the console. We don't have room for them around our dining table if we don't have the leaf in. 

Next project: Reupholstering the seats of the chairs. I found a great tutorial on This Old House, here.

Any fabric recommendations? Online shops to buy period-style fabrics from?

FYI, for locals in the Durham/Chapel Hill area, I bought the chairs from the good folks at Revived.

- Katie Rose


Natalie said...

what about designing your own and having SpoonFlower print it for you? Then you can find exactly what you want. They are incredibly resonable for custom work.

liniecat said...

Am blog hopping....hiya!
love those chairs.....meant to be recovered and loved.....bargain!
Would love to see what you do with them next!