Saturday, March 30, 2013

Nine Months of Crafting: Closet Markers

In addition to knitting up a storm, I've started a few craft projects for the baby's nursery. I've seen these size markers for baby closets, such as the ones sold here. But I thought I could make some myself. I went to the local craft store and browsed the aisles for something that would work. I came up on these mini clip-boards, which are sold on these little chains:

I bought four packages (2 in a package), because I needed 7 markers for sizes 0, 3, 6, 9, 12, 18, and 24 months. I got some scrapbooking paper in colors to complement the nursery color scheme, and some Mod Podge:

And some wooden numbers. They were out of 1's, so I grabbed an I and later shaved it off a bit to look like a 1. 

To make size markers from 0 (newborn) up to 24 months, you'll need: 0, two 1's, two 2's, and one each of 3, 4, 6, 8, and 9. 

Next, I made a template and cut pieces of scrapbook paper (two for each clipboard) ...

and modpodged them on. 

I painted the wooden letters white, and then attached those using ModPodge.  Here's what I came upt with:

And here's what they look like in the baby's closet:

I'll show you what the closet now looks like in a few days... because it's a girl, and I couldn't help getting a few pieces to add to the gender neutral items I've collected.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Nine Months of Knitting: Sailor Stripe Set

I made this little sweater set using two patterns I've made before: Little Coffee Bean Cardigan and Pimp My Longies. (See previous FO's here, here, and here).

I also used one of my favorite yarns for baby stuff, Lion Brand Cotton-Ease. For a cotton yarn, it holds together well (minimal splitting) and it has good stitch definition. I like the nautical blue and cream colors for a gender neutral little outfit. I figure I'll put it with little red maryjanes and a red onesie for a girl, or these cute Chuck Taylor sneakers (for either sex)--which I'm finding out in a few days!

Overall, it turned out pretty well, although the sweater ribbing skews the stripes a bit--I always seem to have this problem with the placket ribbing shrinking in.

 Here, it makes it look like I did an extra half row of stripes on one side (which I didn't). I usually don't decrease in needle size for the ribbing, to try to avoid this, but it still tends to shrink in. Any tips?

See my Ravelry project pages for the Longies and the sweater.

Monday, March 18, 2013

New Fabric for Atomic Chairs

We finally got our chairs back from the upholstery folks. They look great. And now that there's actually a cushion, they feel great, too.

Also, Adrian likes them. But, he says, "They're not too bouncy."

- Katie Rose

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Nine Months of Knitting: Peapod Pouf

(Jordynn again)

Okay, so this might not seem like a baby project, but I'm considering it one. For now, this Puff Daddy pouf is in the upstairs TV room, where it blends in with my throw pillows. But I'm thinking the baby might like to use it to get used to tummy time as an infant, if it isn't co-opted by my cats first.

I've been wanting to make one of these for a while, since I've been seeing similar items at Crate & Barrel and Target for $50 and up. I'm calling it the Peapod Pouf for two reasons: one, the colorway of the yarn is called Peapod, and two, that's our nickname for the as-yet-unamed baby.

I used nine skeins of KnitPicks Brava Bulky, held triple stranded, and it was an easy and quick knit. I like the chunky texture it creates.

When I was done, I stuffed the pouf with an old duvet I had lying around. I tried to roll it into a smooth ball, but as you can see, it is still rather lumpy. If I were to do it again, I'd try to make a more cylindrical shape, like a sleeping bag, to see if that created a smoother line.

For more details, see my Ravelry page: 

More baby projects coming soon--including some original patterns and an updated cardigan version of Tiny Tim. I have 157 knitting days to go before Peapod's arrival! 

Friday, March 1, 2013

Nine Months of Knitting: Connect Four Baby Blanket

[Jordynn here.]

Well, I'm preggers. So I'm starting a new feature called "Nine Months of Knitting," which will chronicle the nine (hopefully) projects I complete while awaiting the new addition, whom we are currently calling "Peapod."

I started this blanket almost as soon as I found out I was pregnant. It was December, and I had a looong car trip ahead of me (12 hours to Canada, in a straight shot). And I had this sky blue yarn on hand, which I thought would be perfect for a blanket.

The pattern is easy: a seed stitch border with a simple eyelet stitch pattern, with a four-row repeat. Perfect if you have pregnancy brain, like me, and can't remember anything more complex than that.

I named the blanket "Connect Four" after the classic game, for a few reasons. For one, the eyelet pattern reminded me of the connect four playing apparatus (frame? whatever it is called). And, I've decided to design the nursery with a vintage theme. In addition to some new pieces, like this blanket, I'm gathering the old quilts that my husband and I had as babies for inspiration:


Blue Sky Alpacas Skinny Cotton (DK, 150 yards / 65 grams) – 6 skeins (900 yards). Shown in Turquoise.

Size 6 circular needle (24”)

Darning needle (for weaving in ends)

Other Yarn Options:
  •  KnitPicks Cotlin (DK, 123 yards/50 grams) – 8 skeins (984 yards) in Surf.
  • Cascade Cotton Rich DK (135 yards/50 rams) – 8 skeins (945 yards)  in Turquoise.
  • Or, any DK weight cotton or cotton blend yarn 
Gauge: 15 sts and 22 rows in 4" (in Connect Four Eyelet Pattern)

Finished Measurements: 36" x 36" (receiving blanket size)

To purchase the pattern for $4.95:  

To see my project page on Ravelry: