Saturday, March 30, 2013

Nine Months of Crafting: Closet Markers

In addition to knitting up a storm, I've started a few craft projects for the baby's nursery. I've seen these size markers for baby closets, such as the ones sold here. But I thought I could make some myself. I went to the local craft store and browsed the aisles for something that would work. I came up on these mini clip-boards, which are sold on these little chains:

I bought four packages (2 in a package), because I needed 7 markers for sizes 0, 3, 6, 9, 12, 18, and 24 months. I got some scrapbooking paper in colors to complement the nursery color scheme, and some Mod Podge:

And some wooden numbers. They were out of 1's, so I grabbed an I and later shaved it off a bit to look like a 1. 

To make size markers from 0 (newborn) up to 24 months, you'll need: 0, two 1's, two 2's, and one each of 3, 4, 6, 8, and 9. 

Next, I made a template and cut pieces of scrapbook paper (two for each clipboard) ...

and modpodged them on. 

I painted the wooden letters white, and then attached those using ModPodge.  Here's what I came upt with:

And here's what they look like in the baby's closet:

I'll show you what the closet now looks like in a few days... because it's a girl, and I couldn't help getting a few pieces to add to the gender neutral items I've collected.


Nikwai Noble said...

That is a brilliant idea. I get crazy looking in kids' closets be cause it isn't organized. It would be easier to know what they need too. Check it would work in my closet also because my weight fluctuates so much I have lots of sizes. To the craft room I go.

krgp said...

Oh, Jordynn! These ARE adorable! Wow! I agree with Nikwai, too--I need them for the mommy's closet as well. Dang! These are great. You'll have to make some for me.

Denise Clendening said...

I love reading your stuff, but it's the second half of April and nothing. You may have to be deleted from my reading list. :(

Jordynn said...

Don't worry--more coming soon! I'm just back from a much-needed "babymoon"!

Barb Harding said...

Where do I find the mini clip-boards? I need those for a different craft I am working on for Girl Scouts. I can't locate them in our craft stores. Is there a brand name you could share so I can search for them?