Saturday, July 27, 2013

FO (Mostly): Nursery

(Jordynn here). So I have about 3 weeks to go (give or take) and the nursery is pretty much in order. There are lots of DIY projects here, so I thought I'd post an overview today and then go into more detail in subsequent posts.

The inspiration for the nursery colors came from a stack of quilts and blankets (some of which you can see below). My mom made the two red quilts for the nursery my sister and I used as babies, and she crocheted the white blanket to take us home from the hospital. (Peapod will be going home in the same blanket.) The pink, blue, and green blanket was my well-loved "Kanky" as a kid. I also have my husband's yellow, blue, and green blanket (not shown) in the stack. I thought it would be nice to use these to create a gender neutral nursery, along with some other things I'd collected--my "Abby" doll (the Raggedy Annie shown on the shelf, which my mom also made), some vintage Fisher Price toys, and some other items (like the vintage pale blue fan on the shelf, which I got at a thrift store back in grad school). I wanted a vintage-meets-modern feel to the room.

Aside from the crib, which was a gift, I didn't have to purchase any of the furniture shown here, although I do have a comfy rocking chair on order.  I've had the shelves since my first graduate school apartment, and the dresser came from a thrift store and was previously in the guest room. It was originally a walnut color, but my mom and I painted it white for a cleaner look. I love how it fits in the nursery. The Ikea rug came from eBay. I was a bit unsure of it at first, but I think it ties everything together nicely.

The yellow rocking chair shown in these pictures came from an old farm house and used to be in our basement. I gave it a coat of yellow paint a few years ago. It may or may not stay here when the new comfy chair comes in, or it might get a new coat of paint.

The red lamp came from a thrift store and has been around since grad school--it's been a living room piece, an office lamp, and is now in the nursery.

I've already blogged about the blue Connect Four blanket shown above, and the Peapod Pouf that I made.

The projects I'll blog about next week:

1) A DIY "Boppy" type pillow (shown on the yellow rocking chair)
2) The ABC artwork shown above the dresser
3) The blue bird painting (a collaboration with my mom), above the crib

I've also got a few other little crafty projects to post about soon.

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