Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Nine Months of Crafting: Tiny Kimono Shoes

(Jordynn here). Okay, so this is a sewing project, not a knitting project, but I wanted to share these little shoes I made. You can see they aren't perfect--the seams are kind of lumpy. I think that's due to 

a) the bulky layers I stitched together--the shoes include a muslin liner, outer fabric, and fusible interfacing for stiffness. 
b) the fact that I hand sewed them, as my machine is on the fritz
c) the difficulty of turning all those layers inside out after stitching 

But, I think they are cute and they happen to match a little outfit I got as a shower gift. I have no idea if the size will be right or if they will stay on her little feet, but they were fun to make with my sewing friend, S. 

I used this free pattern to make the shoes. Maybe it is because I am a novice sewer, but I found this pattern confusing but just kept following the steps, and wound up figuring it out. This has been the story for most of my sewing projects thus far: I'm always skeptical that things will turn out right, until they do (mostly). It was a bit unclear how to pin and sew the top of the shoe to the bottom, especially since I wanted the colors to be mirrored, but I figured it out. I might make this again, in a polar fleece or something that won't require interfacing.

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