Sunday, August 4, 2013

Nine Months of Crafting: DIY "Boppy"

(Jordynn here). So, people seem to either love or hate the nursing pillow (such as the "Boppy" or the "Brest Friend." Seriously.) Some people say they couldn't live without one, while others find them unnecessary or unhelpful--probably depending on the position you prefer to nurse in, your own anatomy, the chair you use, etc. So I decided not to get one. (I was also wary of the polyurethane foam they use for these types of nursing pillows, 80% of which may be treated with flame retardants.) 

But then I realized I could just make one. I mean, it's a pillow. I've made pillows before. And I happened to have fabric on hand from other projects I was meaning to do. 

So I found this pattern online and again put my meager hand sewing skills to work. (Sewing machine still broken). Here's how it turned out: 

Again, you can see I'm not exactly a pro sewer. The seams look lumpy. It's not perfect. But I think it will do the job. 

First, I stuffed it with polyester stuffing (shown in pictures), but then I realized that's not necessarily the greatest either, environmentally speaking. After some research, I found a few options for organic/non-toxic stuffing materials. I ordered a box of kapok filling here, which is apparently popular with the yoga set for making meditation pillows. Kapok stuffing comes from a tree, and apparently has a fluffy, silky texture. But since I wanted to finish the pillow RIGHT NOW, I also found a source for natural buckwheat hulls that was local. I picked up 10 pounds of hulls in person and used about 6 of it to stuff the pillow. The buckwheat hulls give the pillow more of a beanbag texture, which is nice because the hulls shift around to conform to your body. 

[Yes, I'm becoming a slightly obsessive first time mother. I ordered an organic mattress, bassinet pad, and changing pad. Not everything is organic (certainly not all of her clothes), but you do what you can.] 

The pattern includes instructions for making a separate washable cover. I debated making the pillow itself in muslin and then making a separate cover, but I was lazy. I figure I can make another cover if needed, or make a whole new pillow. This was finished in an evening, even with hand sewing, and once I fix my stupid machine this could be done in an hour or less. 

Update: Here's how it looks with the buckwheat stuffing: 

Also: I got a new camera. Can you tell? I'll have some new knitting pictures to show it off soon! 

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