Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Katie Rose here.


Hello Madame Luscious Noro Mobius Scarf (free pattern!). I've knitted so many scarves over the years, but I keep coming back to this one—the one I knitted on my honeymoon in Tokyo back in 2007 for the love of egg salad.

Paired with some simple Cascade 220 Tweed handwarmers. (Pattern to come.) I only knit and wear handwarmers (well, unless it's snowing), mostly because I'm married to my smartphone. 

(Oh, and to that guy I went to Tokyo with. Don't forget about him. I'm still married to him, too.) View #2:

That cold morning sun felt so good on the wool that I was finally permitted to wear. I'm convinced that southerners make good knitters because we appreciate it more—less of a chore, less time of the year to do it during, and dang it if I didn't wear the scarf home that afternoon even when it was 68 outside.

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