Thursday, October 30, 2014

Sedimented Pouf

Jordynn here.

I've been obsessed with Katie's Sediment pattern forever, but haven't had the chance to complete one of my own--until now. I took the Sediment stitch pattern and combined it with the Pickles Puff Daddy pattern.

I worked with about four strands of worstedish weight yarn at a time, and honestly did not pay that much attention to the number of stitches I cast on. It was more than the Puff Daddy indicated--maybe 75 stitches? Then, I just kept knitting in the sediment pattern until I was tired of it. 

I like how it turned out! I love that the Pouf Daddy pattern suggests an old duvet or comforter for stuffing--it works perfectly well, and is a good way to make use of something you might otherwise throw away. 

This is actually designated for my work office, which needs a little softening to make it look less institutional. But it also looks quite nice in my family room! 

Check out this project on Ravelry here

Friday, October 10, 2014

This Baby Quilt is Totes Adorbs

Jordynn here.

It turns out that somehow most of my friends are amazingly talented crafters. Want some evidence? Check out this adorable quilt for P. that my semi-regular crafting group put together.

Everyone in the craft group made a couple of squares. Notice the "Hey Diddle Diddle" theme? L., our crafting coordinator and guru, came up with that idea and machine pieced the quilt. Then, we had a couple of quilting bees to finish it. It finally came together right around P.'s 1st birthday and will be perfect for her transition to a toddler bed. 

The quilt also features a snake, since P. was born in the year of the snake or "Little Dragon."

Here she is checking out the cat and the fiddle.

Like I said, talented friends. And lucky baby!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Katie Rose here.


Hello Madame Luscious Noro Mobius Scarf (free pattern!). I've knitted so many scarves over the years, but I keep coming back to this one—the one I knitted on my honeymoon in Tokyo back in 2007 for the love of egg salad.

Paired with some simple Cascade 220 Tweed handwarmers. (Pattern to come.) I only knit and wear handwarmers (well, unless it's snowing), mostly because I'm married to my smartphone. 

(Oh, and to that guy I went to Tokyo with. Don't forget about him. I'm still married to him, too.) View #2:

That cold morning sun felt so good on the wool that I was finally permitted to wear. I'm convinced that southerners make good knitters because we appreciate it more—less of a chore, less time of the year to do it during, and dang it if I didn't wear the scarf home that afternoon even when it was 68 outside.