Tuesday, December 22, 2015

So Long from the Knitty Professors

Katie and Jordynn here:

We've had a nice run, but it's time to say Good-Bye to the Knitty Professors blog, which we started by in 2007. We will keep the blog alive so that the free patterns are accessible, but we will no longer be updating it. Here's how to stay in touch with Katie and Jordynn. 

About Katie (Ravelry: novelistkatie)

Katie Rose Guest Pryal (katieroseguestpryal.com) is a novelist, freelance journalist, writing coach, and lawyer. She lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, where the energy of the campus and cafes inspires her writing. She is the author of ENTANGLEMENT (Velvet Morning Press 2015), LOVE AND ENTROPY (VMP 2015), and CHASING CHAOS (VMP 2016), all part of the Entanglement Series. She is also a contributor to the anthology CHRISTMAS, ACTUALLY (VMP 2015). You can grab a free copy of Katie’s writing guide, WRITING ISN’T SEXY, and get more book deals by subscribing to her newsletter at bit.ly/pryalnews. Katie contributes regularly to THE HUFFINGTON POST, THE CHRONICLE OF HIGHER EDUCATION, THE TOAST, DAME MAGAZINE, and other national venues. You can find her on her website at katieroseguestpryal.com, on Twitter at @krgpryal, and on Facebook at facebook.com/katieroseguestpryal.

a four-photo array of Katie's book covers: Entanglement, Love and Entropy, Writing Isn't Sexy, and Christmas Actually

About Jordynn (Ravelry: canadianbacon)

Jordynn Jack is a Professor in the Department of English and Comparative Literature at UNC Chapel Hill. She is also the Director of the Writing Program and Associate Director of the Literature, Medicine, and Culture Program there. You can find her on Twitter at @jordynnjack and on her website at JordynnJack.com.

We've also written a few books together, if you'd like to check them out.

Mostly, we'd like to thank you for sticking with us through the years, and we hope to see you on Ravelry, Twitter, Facebook, and all of the other places online where we all hang out. 

So long. 


Update, July 3 2016: We just turned off commenting on the blog because we were starting to get a lot of spam comments. Sorry about that. We're still on Ravelry—message us over there. ;)

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Nimbostratus at the Homestead

Katie Rose, here.

This summer, we took a family trip to this ridiculous resort in the Virginia mountains called The Homestead. I don't know why it's called the Homestead. It doesn't look like anyone's "home." It looks like a giant brick rambling monstrosity. [That look on my face? That's me thinking, "I can't believe this place. It's ridic."]

Don't believe me? Here's the lobby:

Don't ask me where all the people are. They're probably all off falconing or something. We were there for work. This just isn't a place we'd be able to hang at for funsies. But that doesn't mean I didn't take advantage of the lovely grounds. Oh, the grounds. There were just so many grounds.

Since we were in the mountains, I knew it might get chilly in the evenings. Therefore, I brought a shawl along, my Nimbostratus. That's the point of this blog post, really. To show you my Nimbostratus doing its job at the Homestead, hanging with shawls much more expensive than it is and still staying classy.

Stay classy, Nimbostratus.

Awesome asymmetrical dress via Meg Shops.