Fibery Books

Katie has published an eBook of patterns. Click the link for more info!

Non-Fibery Books

As part of our day jobs, we also publish books on writing, rhetoric, grammar, and law. Find out more about our writing and research at our home pages, or follow us on Twitter.

Katie's home page 
Twitter: @krgpryal

Jordynn's home page

Jordynn Jack and Katie Rose Guest Prayl
How Writing Works

Jordynn Jack
Autism and Gender

Katie Rose Guest Pryal
Core Grammar for College

Jordynn Jack

Katie Rose Guest Pryal
Core Grammar for Lawyers

Jordynn Jack
Science on the Home Front: Women Scientists in World War II


Katie Rose Guest Pryal
A Short Guide to Writing About Law

Katie Rose Guest Pryal & Jordynn Jack
The Legal Writing Workshop: Better Writing, One Case at a Time

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